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Carpet Cleaning

Key Benefits

Chemicals used during the cleaning process

The chemicals we use are approved by the IICRC.
The main chemical that we use for cleaning carpets and upholstery contains these significant features:

·                        Detergent-free

·                        Non re-soiling

·                        Enzyme-free

·                        Bacteria-free

·                        Micro-organisms free

·                        Odourless

·                        Hyper-allergenic

·                        Solvent-free

·                        Bio-degradable.

It is completely safe for both children and pets.  

One of the services we offer is a dust mite, flea and moth elimination service. Should you have any of these, we can safely remove them.

While dust mite cannot be seen, you may be able to spot the moth larvae in the corners of your home or in other unseen areas of your carpet. They can be identified by the white cases or bare patches of carpet that they have already eaten. This is fairly noticeable on many types of all carpets but can soon be eliminated, and should be done at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you find evidence of moth larvae, it's time to call us fast.


From 100 to 100,000sq ft and above. 

Truck-mounted Carpet Cleaning Systemshop clean

One of the most powerful systems in the country, which means we get your carpets cleaner and dryer (from one hour) depending on condition and construction of the carpets. Suitable for most areas of carpets, particularly pubs, clubs, night clubs, restaurants, department stores, casinos etc.

Only the hoses and wands are taken into your premises. The powerful machinery in the van heats the water,van pumps the cleaning solution to the wand and extracts all of the soiled water and bacteria out of your house and back into our van, it leaves the air in your house clean and fresh. The machine itself is twenty times more powerful than the portable machines used by most other carpet cleaning firms, yet is also very gentle when cleaning fine tapestries and rugs, etc. Furthermore, our Truck mount contains it's own water softener, which will leave your carpets softer and cleaner.

On smaller jobs we carry an on board water supply. For larger jobs (over 1000 sq. metres) a suitable supply is required.

Ride-on Carpet Cleaning Systemride on

Very fast and cost effective maintenance cleaning of large open areas of carpet. Airports, large department stores etc.

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaningdry foam

Fast drying regular maintenance system suitable for casinos etc. Machine generates "Dry Foam" brushes foam into the carpet pile and vacuums out dirt and foam.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaningbonnet machine

More suitable for short pile carpet and regular maintenance cleaning. Very fast drying, (within half an hour) depending on original condition of carpet.

Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning

Suitable where carpets must be cleaned whilst carpet still in use. Carpets are pre vacuumed, cleaned with a special absorbent powder which is then vacuumed out.


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